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Chewable Toys AND Tooth Cleaner For Dogs.. Just Have A Look...!!

by QC Team JS 09 Mar 2022 0 Comments

As we all know dogs are human's best friend and also the one who is very loyal to his owner. They are always with us in every condition or situation, and this is also our responsibility to take care of our dogs, take care of our dogs hygiene even they are calm or aggressive. But give bath, food or hair and nails grooming is easy but you ever think of cleaning their tooth or brushing their tooth.

Brushing a dog's teeth three times a week is beneficial in helping to remove plaque and prevent tartar accumulation. Using positive reinforcement with your dog will go a long way. Once your dog gets used to brushing and it becomes part of their routine (like nail trims), they will begin to enjoy the experience, especially with all the treats they get! Weekly brushing is an important task that all pet parents should add to their 'home care' list of to-do's when they bring a dog into their lives. It's more or less a grooming activity that should occur a few times a week.

But everyone has different types of dogs some of them are calm and others were super excited or many are aggressive, So there are many toothbrushes in the market for calm dogs but ever you think that these also harm their gums and also there are some aggressive dogs who doesn't love the idea of someone reaching inside their mouth with a toothbrush.

So here is the best product for solving your problem of taking dental hygiene care of you Dogs. A chewable Teeth Cleaner has a shape suitable for dog chewing. Made of non-toxic, durable and eco-friendly rubber material and safe for your dog which is soft and elastic. Dog toy which integrates the functions of massaging gums, cleaning teeth, and entertainment. And had jagged texture bumps arranged in different sizes, can deeply clean the dog's incisors, canines and molars.

We provide you a great products in wholesale price a Chewable Rubber Teeth Cleaner is a toy designed to clean your dog’s teeth. The durable rubber bristles massage deep into your dog’s mouth, removing grime as they chew. Many of these toothbrush toys can also be used with toothpaste for an even better clean!!

Also a  Chewable Boomerang Molar Interactive Toy is a great product for your dogs it helps in molar activity make your dogs teeth clean and strong.


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