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Famous Handicrafts From North India

by QC Team JS 05 Feb 2022 0 Comments

India is known for its handicraft culture. We can say handicrafts are the backbone of the Indian market. You can say that handicrafts are that which gives a beautiful touch and attractive look to interior designs of homes.

There are many states in India and these states there are many cities from which the handicrafts originated and come. So let's have a look at the upper part of India and here are some handicrafts from north India.


1. Jammu & Kashmir

Kashmir is well known for its woolen, sewing, and embroidery work. Kashmir embroidery is popular all around the world. Here, timber carving is done on walnut wood and might be found only in Kashmir. J&K also has different types of handicraft works like shawl weaving, carpet weaving, etc.

2. Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is also famous for its sculptures and fabric or leather handicrafts. This state is well-known for its metal and stone sculptures and handmade wooden dolls. Carpets, rugs, crafts of leather, antiques, and paintings are lots of the popular handicrafts that you’ll find in Himachal Pradesh.

3. Uttarakhand

The artwork and crafts of Uttarakhand are very most popular. The craftsmen of Uttarakhand are masters at timber carving as it’s conducted all over the state. The college Museum in Srinagar is famous for exclusive and distinctive Mughal paintings. 

4. Uttar Pradesh

There are various cities in Uttar Pradesh that are best known for their different handicrafts. Bhaduri, Shahjahanpur. Banarasi saree and Chikankari of Lucknow are well-known handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh. Moradabad is known for its metalware. Here two kinds of engravings are completed over the metal. One is called Nakshi that is completed on the surface made of tin whilst the other one is known as khudai and is done on unpolished brass. Pottery works are also here potters here add colors to smooth ceramics and make them attractive and lively. Khurja in Uttar Pradesh is known for earthenware. 

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