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Impact of COVID-19 on Handicraft Sector

by QC Team JS 01 Apr 2022 0 Comments

India is one of the largest countries and the largest global markets for every business sector, many companies do trade from India. Many big brands and companies do trade and business with the handicrafts sector, with exports crossing over INR 120 billion, in the year 2019 alone. Even in a fast-paced digitalized world, the demand for Indian Handicrafts hasn’t been shaken. India is blessed with its handicrafts culture it is the root and one of the major sources of doing business with many countries. However, the Indian Handicrafts sector is struggling since COVID-19. As we all know the pandemic hits all over the world's economy, every trade, business, factory, and companies are had to be shut down because of lockdown airports, and other sources of transport were stopped.

For the Indian artisan’s community, it is very different and new, and they are slowly adapting to the new normal of working from their homes – without trade fairs or meals and navigating their way to making inter-state sales over online platforms. Here’s how COVID-19 has struck the Indian Handicrafts sector, and how the artisan’s community is fighting it back. 

There are no exhibitions or trade fairs.

When lockdown started there is a complete shutdown on everything, so there is also a complete shutdown on trade fairs and exhibitions so the first thought is that when things are going to get back on track is another. Some manufacturers paused their businesses, and are waiting for the COVID to end. Another loss is of canceled tickets and bookings of exhibitions. But not all, the manufacturer starts making every day using or everyday essential products and starts selling them on the online platform. JSBlueRidge is one of those platforms that also sells and deals with handicrafts at wholesale price. Directly from manufacturer to wholesalers. JSBlueRidge sells and purchases products in bulk amounts.

The disturbed transportation and supply

For any type of business, transportation is very important and essential. Transportation and supply are the backbone of any business and for Indian handicrafts, they a nonstop and smooth because the raw material is sourced from a different place. Because of COVID-19 and lockdown, this supply chain is completely stopped.

And because or no business production of this raw material also stopped because it takes lots of time and manpower also but doing work and open factories are restricted in lockdown. So the only option for manufacturers and artists is that to create something with other materials which are replaceable from the main materials and from those materials which are easily available and sell them on the online platform because the main aim is to don't stop producing.

New products from new ideas

After COVID the strength and spirit of many people do not break. They came out with different creative ideas that are making products that are used in preventing COVID like homemade masks and homemade gloves. And it's good to see that the Indian government supports them from the "Atma Nirbhar" scheme.

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