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by QC Team JS 13 Jan 2022 0 Comments
The biggest upside to wholesale E-commerce or Drop shipping is that one can use online platforms to advertise your company and even access these suppliers with ease. If you feel your supplier isn’t meeting your needs, these platforms can help you find different suppliers who will be suitable for your business.


According to experts and research, the US market alone generate revenue of more than 2 trillion dollars from b2b ecommerce websites by the end of the year 2024. There are thousands of Ecommerce platform but trusted b2b platforms, which can help in growing your b2b businesses, can be tough to find. In this blog, we have researched and found out the top 10 b2b ecommerce websites, which you definitely need to check out, if you are looking platform that can help you grow and expand your b2b business in the most effective manner.


eWorldTrade is currently the leading b2b platform these days. In a very short amount of time, eWorldTrade has made quite a name for itself and has emerged as one of the market leaders in the b2b industry. One of their unique selling points, which has helped them gain this rapid growth and which has helped them to become the industry leaders, is that they offer their members with lists of verified and true buyers, helping b2b businesses and sellers in expanding and growing their businesses single-handedly.
In addition to this, eWorldTrade offers its users a platform, which allows them to connect with millions of buyers, sellers, wholesalers, distributors and vendors all over the globe. This platform offers an amazingly extensive list of products for buyers to choose from and offers products having the lowest prices with the highest quality as well. With an exceptionally amazing and user-friendly website, eWorldTrade has become home for some of the biggest manufacturers, exporters and importers in the world.


2. Alibaba


Alibaba is one of those names in the b2b industry without which the conversation on b2b industry simply cannot suffice. Alibaba is considered to be the market leader in the b2b industry of the Asian Pacific region, and they are certainly one of the biggest companies or brand names in the industry. Alibaba is known for its ability to help international trading organizations with verified buyers and sellers in the most effective and efficient manner. With its user base crossing millions all over the globe, finding buyers and sellers through this platform is quite easy.
Without a doubt, Alibaba has etched its names as one of the leading names in the b2b industry and if you are looking for suppliers from China then this is the go-to website for you. With millions of low-priced products available on the platform, there is hardly a product, which you will not be able to find on this platform.


3. Amazon


Amazon is one of the pioneers in the b2b industry, offering one of the most user-friendly virtual marketplaces in the world, to help international trading businesses in growing and expanding their businesses in the most effective manner. Most b2b platforms choose to focus on sellers only however, where most big brands lack, Amazon has taken the lead and also offers its buyers with a fully comprehensive buyer guide to help its buyers in connecting with verified and trusted sellers on the platform.
With one of the largest collection of products on the platform, Amazon has taken the lead as the leading b2b marketplace in the North American region. Along with an amazingly easy to use and user-friendly platform, Amazon is also known as one of the fastest delivering b2b websites available in the world.


4. eBay


Initially, a website, that only started out only as a c2c platform, eBay is now considered as one of the biggest b2b platform across the globe as well. This virtual marketplace was founded in the early 1990s and since then, eBay has become one of the favorite b2b websites for international trading organizations across the globe.
eBay offers an exceptionally user-friendly and easy to use website, providing an amazing overall user experience to all its users and visitors, which is also one of the major reasons for most business organizations to prefer the use of eBay over other b2b websites operating across the globe. Mostly small and medium-sized businesses prefer to use eBay for sourcing their products, and eBay’s fast and timely deliveries has made it possible for many small and medium-sized businesses to become successful over the years.




If you talk about AliExpress, then you need to understand that AliExpress was not initially founded with the idea to facilitate b2b businesses. In fact, AliExpress was founded as a b2c platform, and it is still considered as b2c platform. However, with its extensive range of products and its huge lists of buyers, manufacturers and sellers, most small and medium-sized businesses, which cannot afford to place bulk orders on b2b websites, prefer to place orders on AliExpress for their raw materials or products, making it one of the most desirable and go-to websites for small international trading organizations.
AliExpress has millions of users across the globe, and it is regarded as one of the most trusted ecommerce websites in the world. Whether you are looking to buy in bulk or not, its high-quality products and lowest industry prices are certain to attract you to use this virtual platform for trading. The extremely user-friendly platform poses no problems for users and, actually, acts like an encouragement tool for most users across the planet.

6. JSBlueRidge

JSBlueRidge has been listed under the name J&S USA International. Their warehouse is located in North Carolina, United States Of America. JSBlueRidge captures the attention of B2B Suppliers, Wholesalers, and Dropshippers on a global scale. Aside from that, they import goods for export to the United a professional E-commerce platform, where thousands of products are sold online at wholesale quantity and price. We take bulk orders and have a drop shipping facility for the convenience of our clients. Looking forward to serving you, do give us a chance.


7. EC21


EC21 is certainly one of the most renowned b2b websites in the world, offering a wide range of goods, meeting the needs and requirements of business organizations, which are interested in b2b trading. This b2b platforms offers an amazing list of features, which makes it easier for all its users to find and trade products on this platform. One of the most attractive features of EC21 is known as the Buyer Central, which allows its users, specifically buyers, to have ease in searching and finding products according to their requirements and specifications.


8. Global Sources

Global Sources

Global Sources is one of the most accomplished virtual b2b marketplaces in the world, offering unrivaled services, which have become the foundation for growth and expansion for millions of international trading organizations around the world. With almost three decades in the industry, they understand, and they worked on all the intricate areas of their b2b platform, making international trading quite easy and efficient for b2b businesses across the planet. The website offers more than 500 product categories to choose products from and altogether there are more than 25000 products on the platform. From parts for automobiles to consumer electronics and fashion accessories, you name it, and you will find the product on this b2b platform.



9. ECplaza


ECplaza is one of the most recognized brand names in the global b2b industry, helping b2b businesses all over the world to trade internationally in the most hassle-free and efficient manner. With their number of users crossing the million mark; ECplaza is certainly one of the very few b2b platforms, which you definitely need to use, if you wish to take your b2b businesses to newer heights.
The foundation of this particular b2b website was laid down back in the year 1996 and its only purpose was to create ease of trading and assisting b2b businesses in growing and expanding their businesses in the most effective and efficient manner. Other than connecting buyers and sellers across the planet, ECplaza offers its users and members a plethora of services, which can make their b2b trading operations much easier, smoother and more efficient.




Made-in-China is one of the most exceptional b2b websites in the world. Reading the name of this particular b2b website, you can clearly understand that most of the suppliers and manufacturers, which are present on this platform are based in China. As far as the level of success of this platform is concerned, then you should know that this platform is one of the most rapidly growing b2b platforms across the planet. This virtual b2b marketplace offers an exceptional user-experience to all its users, making it very easy for its users to trade internationally using this platform.




Relatively a new name in the b2b industry, ECVV came into existence in 2006. However, from the year of its conception until now, ECVV has made quite a name for itself in the global b2b industry. It is known as one of the most recognized b2b platforms for all those b2b businesses, who wish to source their products from China.

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